The definition of strategy as defined by promotional products, is simply - ‘marketing on purpose’.


There is more to a successful promotional item than just picking something with your name on it. Believe it or not - there is actuallly a strategy to it and PromoCentre can help make it easier for you.

At PromoCentre we design programs that will:


What we do for you

We work with you and your team to:
  • Determine the objectives of your promotion
  • Work out a plan to achieve them through the use of promotional products
  • Source the required items from suppliers
  • Custom design and produce unique items
  • Develop support print material such as posters, fliers and catalogues
  • Develop and implement a distribution plan
  • See a campaign through to its’ completion
  • Measure the results

By working with us, you can save time and energy in the search for the right products at the right price. Our expertise allows us, to easily find and bring products to you.


Power of Promotional Products

The power of Promotional Products comes from their ability to get an effective message in front of exactly the prospects and clients you need to reach, and keep it there... without the waste associated with other media. 

Promotional products are being positioned more and more, not as a pure product, but part of a promotional buyer’s communications mix.

Due to their useful nature, promotional products tend to be kept and used, leading to voluntary repeated exposure, recognition and retention of the brand's name and/or message.

The use of promotional products is most effective when the audience is specifically identified. Items can be selected to appeal to that audience, creating a targeted positive response.

Promotional products can be selected to fit into any advertising budget, compliment other media and repeat the advertising message each time the product is used, all without extra cost per exposure.


Companies analyzing the results of their media advertising ask themselves these questions: Did our target market receive our message? Did it create a positive impression of us? Were we remembered because of it? In today’s competitive and cluttered media marketplace, advertisers are searching for a medium that produces tangible results, and that medium is Promotional Products.





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